• We refine and finish surfaces

  • We develop binding agents for the oil and gas industries

  • Partner for investors

 EPG – Your partner for innovation and customised solutions

EPG AG is a leading specialist for chemical nanotechnology and offers you competitive advantages through innovative materials tailor-made to meet customer requirements. From us, you can expect to receive everything you need from a single source:

  • Take advantage of our standard solutions which have been proven over many years of use for multi-functional coatings.
  • Or let us develop an entirely new raw material for you, to meet your special requirements precisely.
  • We will take full responsibility for the entire production operation and if appropriate will also undertake large series manufacturing activities.
  • We can provide you with complete solutions and customer-specific end products or implement the technology in your company.



We refine and finish surfaces


Coating of metals and plastics

  • Chrome, metal and aluminium effects
  • Chrome substitutes
  • Heat and UV resistance
  • Easy-to-clean characteristics
  • Antibacterial characteristics
  • Resistance to abrasion and long-life finishes

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We develop binding agents for the oil and gas industries


Sand consolidation and proppant binding

  • High cohesiveness whilst retaining high permeability
  • Wide temperature range
  • Adjustable viscosity
  • Long-lasting durability

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We are attractive for investors

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