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  • Oberflächenbeschichtung Metall Automobil

    High-performance coatings

    Stable under high temperatures and corrosion resistant – Surface coating


  • Oberflächenbeschichtung Metall Küche

    Surface coating

    Environmentally friendly and of high quality – Surface coating


  • Oberfächenveredelung bei Elektrogeräten

    Metal coating

    Customized for our clients – Surface coating


  • Oberflächenbeschichtung Metall Automobil
  • Oberflächenbeschichtung Metall Küche
  • Oberfächenveredelung bei Elektrogeräten

EPG AG – Your partner for high-performance surface coating

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EPG AG – High-performance surface enhancement

We offer competitive advantages with our Sol-Gel technology through the use of innovative materials. As the leading specialist for surface coating we can provide everything from a single source:

  • Development of new surface materials which are specially aligned with your precise needs
  • Commissioned surfacing operations for widely varied metal surfaces, using our advanced coating solutions
  • Integration of our technology in your company’s own processes

Latest news

  • Chrom replacement

    Sol-gel technology offers excellent replacement for chromium (VI)

    With the surface refinement based on sol-gel technology, the combination of noble appearance and resistance to aggressive external influences is extremely successful. It can be used in a variety of ways and can replace chrome.


    In the future it will only be possible to use chromium (VI) in the coating industry with an exception. Even though there will of course still be authorizations, it is clear that an alternative must be selected for many applications - especially in the area of decorative surface finishing.

    EPG AG has been working for years with a patented nano-chemical alternative to chromium substitutes based on sol-gel technology: The product Nanoseal® is used successfully in the automotive sector. This surface refinement achieves the good properties of chrome plating - decorative and wear-resistant - just as well, if not better, and can be applied to all metals and common product surfaces such as stainless steel or PVD. The layers are applied extremely thin in an automated process and then hardened in the oven. For the observer, a transparent coating then appears chrome-plated on highly polished surfaces.

    The quality of the sol-gel coating also has many advantages, such as very high temperature resistance (up to 550°C), resistance to corrosion (CASS: up to 96h), and it can also be applied in colour at the same time. For example, deep black coatings are possible which far exceed the performance of black chrome.

    In addition, the manufacturing process is very variable and customers' individual design wishes can also be implemented.

We apply coatings to metallic surfaces

Stainless steel

Our top product NANOSEAL® sets new standards in the provision of finishes for stainless steel. Surfaces are given a wafer thin coating, to ensure they retain their original metallic appearance. Various color options are available.   


Its typical lightweight character makes aluminum an increasingly popular metal nowadays for use in automobile, household and general design applications. Our environmentally-friendly technology SAPHIRAL® can improve upon, and sometimes completely replace, anodized aluminum, and is in addition available in many color variations.

Titanium and other metals

The EPG technology protects titanium and other metallic and non-metallic alloys. Among other new approaches, we are currently developing a new technology to protect carbonaceous steels.   

We create multifunctional surfaces

Wir schaffen multifunktionale Oberflächen


We create surfaces with innovative and outstanding features, which are developed and produced for our clients in a customized way in an industrialized series manufacturing process.


Our coatings withstand 1000 hours in saline mist testing


Up to 550 °C when applied to stainless steel


The metallic appearance is retained



Capable of withstanding aggressive chemicals such as acids, brines or (for example) cleaning solutions in a car wash




The metallic appearance is retained on highly-polished metal surfaces such as aluminum or stainless steel, completely eliminating the need to apply chrome.



Our coatings exhibit a high degree of mechanical stability and are unaffected by abrasion or scratching.


Marks caused by fingerprints are practically invisible.



There’s no longer any need for scrubbing or polishing: the surfaces retain their top-class optical appearance for prolonged periods with a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene.

Application areas


We enhance both internal and external components made from aluminum  and stainless steel – for decorative purposes and to protect them against corrosion.

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With our technology we enhance the appearance of corners, edges or decorative sections and thus preserve the high-quality appearance of designs items in the long term.

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Household and kitchen equipment withstands the strains of daily use thanks to our coatings..

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Electro area

It doesn’t matter whether it relates to housings, switches or buttons: we can enhance and protect your electronic products with our innovative anti-fingerprint or easy-to-clean technologies.

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Oil and gas industries

We develop innovative composite materials for sand consolidation and proppant binding, and these are used as binding materials in the oil and gas industries. In this way, we increase the productivity of oil and gas resources throughout the world.

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EPG AG invests in new test robot equipment.
New robots increase the efficiency of the prototyping operation for  metal coating

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

What is so special about the coating solutions offered by EPG AG?

EPG coatings are distinguished by very thin application layers, but these layers nevertheless feature extremely high resistance to corrosion and environmental influences and a high level of scratch resistance. The layers are so thin that they can hardly be seen by the naked eye, and as a result the characteristics of the metallic surface are retained both in terms of touch and feel as well as optically.

Can you also satisfy special customer wishes?

Yes, we develop customized solutions for our customers’ products.

Is it possible to receive samples of your surface coatings?

If requested by our customers, we are also able to coat samples – including original components. Our experts will be delighted to offer you their advice for this purpose.

Are your products tested?

Our coatings are subjected to all the quality tests which are important in the relevant industrial sector: e.g. mechanical tests such as abrasion and scratch resistance tests, salt mist tests and tests to check resistance to chemicals. The results can also be seen in our publications.

How do your coatings differ from those of your competitors?

In addition to anorganic-glass-type systems which are extremely stable even at high temperatures up to 600 °C, EPG can offer hybrids with an anorganic-organic matrix, which display better characteristics when compared with purely organic systems.

Our product SAPHIRAL for the coating of aluminum convinced an independent jury

EPG AG wins Industriepreis 2017 in the category “Suppliers”

With its new product  SAPHIRAL, an innovative coating solution for all current forms of aluminum alloy, EPG AG comfortably won the Industriepreis 2017 in the category of suppliers. SAPHIRAL is a Sol-Gel-based coating solution for all existing types of aluminum alloy, with outstanding functional and optical characteristics. SAPHIRAL exhibits a very high degree of scratch resistance, as well as great thermal and chemical stability. SAPHIRAL makes it possible to produce single-layer solutions for high-gloss, brushed or blasted substrates, with an extremely high-quality surface finish. SAPHIRAL can be applied directly on aluminum surfaces (colored coatings are possible) or can alternatively be employed to improve the qualities of anodized surfaces. This prestigious award, which is decided by an independent specialist jury comprising professors, scientists and experts from a variety of industrial sectors and publishing houses, is announced once annually by the Huber Verlag, a publishing house for new media, on the occasion of the Hannover Messe, Germany’s largest and most important industrial fair. On each occasion, prizes are awarded to the most advanced industrial products in 14 different categories. The Chairman of the Board of EPG AG, Dr. Andreas Zimmermann, was absolutely delighted at this recognition: “The awarding of this prize is for us both a confirmation and an acknowledgement that our innovative development work is at the absolute peak of current technology. Our solutions make it possible to offer the end customer a significant possibility of differentiating his products from the competition and of increasing their value.”


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