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The EPG Group is a leading producer of innovative and high-performance coating solutions. The main emphasis of our production consists of the nano-chemical coating of metal surfaces on the basis of Sol-Gel technology and the development of novel forms of composite materials for the oil and gas industries.

The company, together with its subsidiaries, has specialized in the customer-specific production of new materials which combine the highest level of innovation with industrial requirements. The company’s aim is to produce multifunctional surfaces which combine many characteristics with each other and thus produce competitive or environmental advantages for the customers. In this context, the EPG Group is responsible for the entire value-added chain from the material development via the coating process, up to and including individual and large scale production, together with the associated quality management. The research and development, production and administration of the EPG Group are based at the location in Henriville, France, where approximately 45 employees are active on behalf of the company.

The customers of EPG come from the automobile sector, the fields of household equipment and electrotechnology, the design business and the oil and gas industries. Thanks to its know-how and the experience gained during many years of developing the technology, the EPG Group has an extensive intellectual property portfolio, which has already won over many customers throughout the world. Among these are renowned and very large companies in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, as well as in the USA and Japan.

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Chairman and Managing Director:    
Dr. Andreas Zimmermann

Supervisory Board:    
Oliver Krautscheid – Chairman, Prof. Dr. Rainer Lauterbach, Stefan ten Doornkaat

Annual General Assembly

The Annual General Meeting of EPG AG for fiscal year 2018 took place on 5th of August, 2019 in Düsseldorf.


Company news

Corporate News, Griesheim 06.08.2019

EPG AG: Cash capital increase successfully placed

On March 19, 2019, the Management Board of EPG (Engineered nanoProducts Germany) AG, Griesheim (ISIN DE000A0J3TN2, WKN A0J3TN), resolved, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, to increase the share capital against cash contributions by granting an indirect subscription right.

The Company's share capital should be increased against cash contributions from currently EUR 3,462,537 by up to EUR 173,120 from authorized capital in accordance with § 4 paragraph 4 of the Articles of Association to up to EUR 3,635,657. The issue of 173,120 new no-par value bearer shares, each with a notional value of EUR 1.00 ("New Shares") of the share capital, was effected by granting an indirect subscription right to the shareholders. In the subscription offer, the new shares were offered at a subscription price of EUR 4.05 per share.

This capital measure was completed on July 16, 2019 when it was entered in the Commercial Register of the Darmstadt District Court. The capital increase, which has now taken place and was fully subscribed, will provide the company with equity capital of EUR 701,136; it thus has share capital of EUR 3,635,657.

The Management Board of EPG AG, Dr. Andreas Zimmermann, was satisfied with the completion of the capital increase: "The new financial resources will strengthen our equity base and we are confident of achieving our targets for 2019".

It is the declared goal of the company management to build up further capacities in order to satisfy the increasing demand from customers in the automotive and design sectors.




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