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Corrosion protection for stainless steel and titanium

In many industries worldwide there is a huge demand for surface refinements with corrosion protection. Especially for the automotive industry, EPG AG supplies a surface coating for many exterior components that offers excellent corrosion protection but can also withstand chemical attack or mechanical abrasion.

The product Nanoseal® is a glass-like coating with excellent adhesion to metals such as stainless steel and titanium, which enables greatly improved surface properties:

  • • High corrosion and abrasion protection properties, here Nanoseal® achieves better values in many tests than the comparable products chromium or PVD

  • • High temperature resistance (up to 600°C)

  • • Excellent appearance (real metal look, transparent), even the finished structures such as brushes remain visible

  • • Additional features such as anti-fingerprint, bendability or tarnish protection

After cleaning the metal substrates, Nanoseal® is applied very thinly in a cost-effective spraying process and then cured in an oven at approx. 300 - 500° C. The coating is then applied to the metal substrates in a very thin layer.

The application possibilities are manifold and particularly in demand in the automotive sector:

  • • Exhaust systems (e.g. tailpipes, exhaust silencers)

  • • Decorations such as running boards and body parts

Nanoseal® can be used for stainless steel and titanium - both on polished and brushed surfaces.

Corrosion protection for aluminium surfaces

EPG AG also offers this protection for aluminium surfaces with its product Saphiral®, which is applied with a layer thickness of only 5 - 10 µm. This preserves the appearance of the metal and, at the same time, the coating ensures permanent protection against corrosion, abrasion and scratches. The disadvantages of aluminium surfaces are eliminated without changing the appearance.

With a single-layer spraying process, Saphiral® can also replace the otherwise necessary anodizing. Numerous colours and surface effects are also possible.
Saphiral® can be used in just as many ways as Nanoseal®:

  • • In the automotive sector, these include exterior parts such as tailpipes, tank caps and trunk sills or trim strips and trim panels for interiors,

  • • In the field of design and architecture, decorative trims, metal fittings or handles and

  • • In the household sector, iron soles or kitchen equipment can be coated.

All EPG coatings are environmentally friendly and compatible with REACH.


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